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Digital Advertising: What Makes us Different

No one could have predicted the unprecedented growth the online advertising industry has experienced. This growth has also made it hard to figure out how to use digital media for your advantage. This is one reason why some have turned to Thoothe.

Thoothe offers fully-managed digital media solutions that are based on the scientific method, which is one of the most effective digital marketing philosophies. With the scientific method we continually test, analyze, and optimize, which is the philosophy our company is built on.

Search Engine Marketing

Our search engine marketing and PPC management has been proven effective with results. It is something that we have achieved through hours of study. We have analyzed some of the biggest online search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We know what these search engines are looking for, and we know how to provide it.

Display Advertisements

Digital advertising is our twist on programmatic display or what most people know as banner ads. You might think you know what banner ads are, but you would be surprised. We use third part data and Real Time Bidding to formulate ads that target your specific audience.

Facebook and Social Media

Some confuse paid social media with regular social media content. Paid social media uses things like Facebook’s revolutionary ad platform to create some of the most effective ads. This new platform enhances the ROI opportunities to capture as much as one billion users.

Rethinking Targeting and Marketing

We have seen some great results with our targeting and marketing due to our well-thought out process. What we bring to the table is an advanced audience segmentation, which should help redirect possible customers back to you.

Mobile Advertising

The internet has definitely changed the way things are done in the world of Phoenix advertising, but this change was bound to continue. It took new life in Smart technology like smartphones. Fortunately, we know how to deal with this new tool and how to get the most out of it.

Web Development and SEO

Our development team will help develop new websites that are optimized for both regular browsing and mobile browsing to make sure our clients get the results they deserve. Our goal is to decrease bounces and improve conversions.

Conversion Optimization

We focus on driving quality traffic to your site, which increases your conversation rate. This important aspect ensures that your investment in digital marketing actually gives you the results you are looking for. We are able to get this done by optimizing your advertisements to drive the right traffic to you.

Campaign Insights

Our insights are clear and concise to help you understand all information. We update your metrics in real-time and make sure that you can access those digital advertising metrics through your own customizable dashboard.