Why We Love Pay Per Click (PPC)

At Thoothe, we’ve been sent to disrupt the advertising world—one client-at-a-time.

Seeing a plan through to completion that delivers growth to your organization is what gets us moving each day. It hurts us to see a wasteful PPC agency stifle your business’ potential.

To deliver the most out of your PPC advertising campaigns, our certified Google AdWords experts continually test new and dynamic creative with consistent and engaging messages that leverage the correct keywords, and ad messaging with on- site experience to drive conversions to sales.

We don’t stop there, though. Our “revenue-driven processes” test and analyze each element of your Pay Per Click campaigns and methodically optimize to increase interactions and decrease  your Cost Per Acquistion (CPA).

Your dedicated account manager will provide expert Pay Per Click (PPC) management services, compelling creative optimization and dynamic to grow your company…one visitor-at-a-time